Peldi (Balsamiq) - Continuous Learning as a Company DNA

Today I’m joined by Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni, the CEO of Balsamiq. In this episode, we talked about Balsamiq’s culture (specifically around the core value of continuous learning and the importance of experiments), the growing pains Peldi experienced as a leader, and more. We also had a quick peek into Balsamiq’s hiring and onboarding process. We also talked about why Peldi strongly prefers to employ remote team members, rather than have them as contractors (which is a common practice amongst remote/distributed companies). I really admire the self-aware nature of Balsamiq, which is a byproduct of Peldi’s personality as a founder and a leader. Hope you enjoy it too!

We covered:
  • 02:31 — Why Peldi moved back to Italy to build Balsamiq
  • 07:26 — What Balsamiq does to maintain a self-aware and continuous learning culture
  • 10:16 — Why “experiment culture” is important in Balsamiq
  • 13:35 — Why Peldi prefers not placing too much weight on his own “voice” within the company
  • 21:15 — The un-sexy part of remote hiring (legal challenges, paperwork, etc.)
  • 28:05 — A peek into Balsamiq's hiring process
  • 29:50 — Balsamiq's onboarding process and how it has evolved over time
  • 32:46 — How Peldi moved away from doing the things he's good at
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