Darren Murph (GitLab) - Why Companies Should Go All-Remote

This week on the podcast, we have Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab, book author, and Guinness World Record holder! We talked about why GitLab uses “all-remote” to describe the company’s remote identity, how hybrid model remote teams can lead to anxiety and guilt, GitLab’s handbook-first approach, and why “story-telling ability” is essential in remote teams.

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How Darren got the rare title of “Head of Remote”
  • Why GitLab choose “all-remote” as their company identity
  • Why hybrid remote teams can lead to guilt and burnout
  • Why “storytelling ability” is important in GitLab
  • GitLab’s “handbook-first” approach
  • Darren answering questions from Twitter 
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