Eddie Zaneski (Digital Ocean) - Fostering Remote Developer Communities

This week we are joined by Eddie Zaneski, Manager of Developer Relations at DigitalOcean! This episode is quite special, because we’re focusing on one single job position, which is, you guessed it: Developer Relations. We talk about how Developer Relations is a position that most of the time only makes sense when it’s a remote position, and how the rise of remote work affects this particular position. We also talk about The Remote Developer Experience report released by DigitalOcean this year, and the life of remote workers at DigitalOcean.

Topics also covered on the podcast episode:
  • 03:31 — What makes DigitalOcean’s hybrid team model successful
  • 06:42 — Examples of the “remote-first mindset” at DigitalOcean
  • 08:03 — Early resource investments by DigitalOcean to make remote work run smoothly
  • 09:16 — The growing pains of DigitalOcean’s remote processes
  • 13:49 — Eddie’s most surprising finding in the DigitalOcean Remote Developer Experience Report
  • 21:26 — How the rise of remote work helps foster communities of local developers
  • 34:29 — Advice for developers who wants to start their own meetup
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