Fred Perrotta (Tortuga Backpacks) - Encourage Remote Team Risk-Taking

Today we have Fred Perrotta, Co-founder and CEO of Tortuga Backpacks! In this episode, we talked about the challenges of developing a physical product when you’re a 100% distributed team, building an epic place to work, and applying the principle of “players and coaches” in your company. We also talked about Fred’s million-dollar mistake, how to figure out if someone can be a good remote worker, and why you should always do project post-mortems. If you’re enjoying the podcast, please consider leaving a review on iTunes!

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • The challenges of developing a physical product as a 100% remote company
  • How you can create an “epic place to work”
  • How Fred applies the principle of “gentle guidance” as a remote leader
  • Tortuga’s hiring process
  • Signals to find out if someone can work remotely well
  • Fred’s one million dollar mistake
  • The importance of project post-mortems in remote teams
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