Hailley Griffis (Buffer) - A Peek Into Buffer's Open Culture

Today on Outside The Valley we have Hailley Griffis, Head of Public Relations at Buffer. We discuss the culture of transparency and openness within Buffer, including how it affects the company’s marketing and hiring, how remote work affects Hailley’s productivity, and more. We also dive into Buffer’s internal processes, and talk about the most unique parts of them. This includes “internal applications” for new job openings, asynchronous all-hands meetings, why Buffer started offering paid sabbaticals, and more. Finally, we also talk about Buffer’s annual State of Remote Work Survey! Check out the survey here and please take a few minutes to fill it in!

We covered: 
  • 04:25 — How Hailley convinced her previous company to allow remote work
  • 06:33 — Advantages of remote work for Hailley’s productivity
  • 11:30 — Why Buffer has a super transparent culture (and how this affects Buffer)
  • 13:55 — Why Buffer gives internal team members opportunities to apply for new job openings
  • 20:03 — Do you need to have experience in remote work to have a job at Buffer?
  • 23:36 — Buffer’s onboarding process and what’s so special about it
  • 28:50 — What are some unique internal communication processes within Buffer?
  • 35:00 — Why Buffer started offering paid sabbaticals
  • 41:12 — Buffer’s unique all-hands meeting
  • 50:15 — Hailley’s most surprising finding from the last State of Remote Work survey
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