Claire Lew (Know Your Team) - How To Build Social Connections & Trust In Remote Teams

Today we have Claire Lew on the show! Claire is the founder and CEO of Know Your Team, software that helps you become a better leader for your company. We talked about building trust and social connections in a remote team, how you can be a better facilitator as a leader, and the role of empathy in a distributed team.

We covered:
  • 03:00 — The 3 pillars of good leadership and how Claire codified these
  • 08:40 — Attributes of a good remote team leader
  • 10:05 — The importance of “affective trust” in a team
  • 16:10 — Can empathy be trained?
  • 19:40 — Asking the right questions as a leader
  • 29:50 — Claire’s thoughts on hybrid teams (half remote, half co-located)
  • 34:11 — How can employees “manage up” better?
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