Ken Weary (Hotjar) - How to Regain Productivity in Your Remote Team

Today we have Ken Weary, VP of Operations at Hotjar! In this episode, we talked about the reason why Hotjar prefers asynchronous communication, why software tools aren’t as important, and the “Tribes” system Hotjar uses in project ownership. We also talked about Hotjar’s onboarding process, meeting culture, documentation principles, and why being a self-starter is the number one attribute to have as a remote worker.

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How Ken and his spouse manage their children’s education while being digital nomads
  • Why Hotjar decided to always default to asynchronous communication whenever possible
  • How Hotjar realized that productivity was going down
  • Hotjar’s meeting culture and requirements
  • How Hotjar’s utilizes the “Tribes” system in project ownership
  • Why being a self-starter is important as a remote worker
  • Hotjar’s onboarding process and documentation principles
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