Kieran Flanagan (HubSpot) - Remote Work as a Growth Lever

Welcome back to Outside The Valley! For our first episode in 2020, we have Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing at HubSpot and host of the Growth TL;DR podcast! In this episode, Kieran talked about how remote work had helped him in his life, why he thinks career opportunities should not be limited by geographical location, and one of the hardest parts of being a distributed team leader. Kieran also shares his insights on why remote hiring is one of the best things you can do for growth, avoiding too many processes in distributed teams, and the “goldfish face” problem in remote meetings. If you’re enjoying the podcast, please consider leaving a review on iTunes!

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How remote work helped Kieran in his career and personal life
  • Why geographical boundaries shouldn't limit career opportunities 
  • The hardest part of remote leadership
  • Why remote hiring is one of the best things you can do for company growth.
  • Using "squads" in distributed teams
  • Avoiding too many processes in distributed teams
  • The "goldfish face" problem in meetings
  • How presenting on Zoom can be awkward
  • Things HubSpot do to recreate the “watercooler feeling”
  • Kieran's advice to companies who want to hire remotely
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