Laurel Farrer (Distribute Consulting): Re-skilling Via Remote Work

Today we have Laurel Ferrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting and founder of the Remote Work Association! In this episode, we talked about how remote work can help the development of rural areas by enabling entrepreneurship, strengthening local technology culture, and re-training the local workforce to utilize their skills for remote work opportunities. We also talked about how to measure the impact of transitioning a company to remote-first or fully distributed, how to measure productivity costs, and why remote work is not just limited to the tech industry.

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How Laurel persuaded the executives of his previous company to experiment with remote work
  • Why Laurel thinks compliance is the number one thing companies should figure out before going remote
  • How Laurel measures the cost of transitioning to remote work (as well as the metrics for measuring whether this transition has been successful)
  • Why remote work can strengthen local technology culture          
  • How remote work can enable both re-skilling and up-skilling
  • How the right training can enable older members of the workforce to get modern remote opportunities
  • How can leaders help new remote workers develop their [self-discipline]( (without micromanaging!)
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