Max Makeev (Owl Labs) - Making Remote Meetings Better

Today we have Max Makeev, Co-founder of Owl Labs, the company that created the Meeting Owl. This is the first-ever episode that we recorded live in Arc’s office, so the audio is noticeably different! In this episode, we covered how their flagship product, Meeting Owl, was created, and the struggles Max and his co-founder faced in the early days of Owl Labs, We also talked about the unique challenges of building a hardware startup, how Max prepares for — and runs — meetings, and his learning/challenges faced when he was still the CEO of Owl Labs.

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How Max started in the world of robotics and helped created Roomba
  • The very first prototype of Meeting Owl
  • How Max and his co-founder found early adopters and gathered feedback
  • How can a hardware startup vet their suppliers?
  • Does a 100% distributed team need a Meeting Owl?
  • Unique use-cases of Meeting Owl
  • Max’s number one piece of advice for founders who want to be better at meetings
  • The most important things Max learned when he was still the CEO
  • Why Max had to record an apology video for customers
  • How Max thinks remote work will affect the future
  • What’s next for Owl Labs
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