Remote Engineering Team Best Practices (AMA with TaxJar and Help Scout)

Another special episode this week! This is the first Outside the Valley episode not hosted by me (you’re welcome). This week’s episode is a replay of our recent AMA session with CTO of TaxJar Matt Anderson. The AMA was hosted by our VP of Sales Mike Fossi, and a special co-host: VP of Engineering of Help Scout (and previous podcast guest), Megan Chinburg. It’s a conversation between engineering leaders of two awesome remote companies talking about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their teams, figuring out processes and goal setting, and how they go about hiring the right person for their teams.

Topics also covered in this episode: 
  • How COVID-19 pandemic has affected Matt and Megan’s working routines
  • How Matt and Megan kept the morale and culture of their engineering teams intact during this challenging time
  • How they go about figuring out meetings and setting goals for their teams
  • The hiring processes and interview questions at TaxJar and Help Scout
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