Remote Work FAQs - a Chat with the Arc Team

This week we have a special episode on the podcast! In this episode, we have our very first roundtable chat with other Arc team members. During this chat, we talk about our recently-launched Remote Work FAQs. We created this resource hoping to help companies who need to go remote because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This episode’s guests are members of different teams at Arc. We get their perspective on how the current remote work transition has been affecting their team, processes, and more. Joining us in this episode are our Head of Marketing Christine Orchard, Hiring Consultant Emiliano Rodriguez-Wyler, and Front-end Engineer Ting Chang!

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • How our communication style and processes have evolved
  • How we designed our workspaces at home
  • Handling criticism and feedback in remote teams
  • How remote work affected our routines and daily life
Mentioned resources:

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