Steph Smith (Integral Labs) - The Main Qualities of Effective Leadership

Outside the Valley is back! Today we have Steph Smith, author, developer, and Senior Analyst at The Hustle! In this episode, we talked about the “give and take” approach in remote hiring and why you should actively hire “givers”, the three must-have aspects of effective leadership, how to be a better communicator through deliberate practice, and more!

Topics also covered on the podcast episode: 
  • What attracted Steph to remote work
  • The “give and take” approach in remote hiring
  • How Steph learned to be a better communicator
  • Can you deliberately train communication skills?
  • How to encourage top-down empathy in an organization
  • Why humility should be at the core of leadership
  • The three must-have qualities of effective leadership
  • Frameworks for remote decision making
  • Is there a middle ground between “delegating” and “being hands-on” for CEOs?
  • How Steph adapted to remote life and still finding time to be creative

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