Andreas Klinger (Angel List) - Why Hiring Outside Silicon Valley is The New Normal

Today on the show we have Andreas Klinger, the Head of Remote at AngelList, and one of the founding team members of Product Hunt. We talk about why hiring Silicon Valley engineers is now mostly a liability, how to systemize trust within remote teams, why onboarding is super crucial for remote teams, and so on. In this interview, we also mentioned two great resources: Andreas’ blog post “Managing Remote Teams - a Crash Course”, and his talk at the Running Remote conference. If you’re not familiar with these, be sure to check them out!

We covered:
  • 01:02 — What is “Head of Remote” actually?
  • 02:00 — Why remote work came naturally to Andreas
  • 04:37 — How investors’ perceptions about remote work have changed over the years
  • 06:24 — Why building an engineering team inside Silicon Valley is now questionable
  • 11:08 — Is there such a thing as a “network effect” in remote work?
  • 15:45 — Why Andreas wrote Managing Remote Teams - A Crash Course
  • 19:48 — Systemizing “trust” inside a remote team
  • 23:35 — Why onboarding is crucial for new hires
  • 28:37 — Why you need to “refactor” your organization every few months
  • 35:04 — The misperception of the “digital nomad” trend
  • 40:30 — Is “remote readiness” is a thing?
  • 43:40 — How to start transitioning into a remote team
  • 47:12 — Andreas’ general advice to those who want to start/scale remote companies, especially regarding hiring
  • 50:30 — Why pair programming is an underrated way to assess your remote candidates

Mentioned Resources:
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